Saturday, June 29, 2013

First Three Days

Hi all! How is going in the United States?  These last few days have been so much fun.  I am so glad that we came down to Queretaro three days before the program started, it allowed me to sort of figure out the city.  During one of our adventures we walked past an elementary school and asked if we could take a tour.  Because there were no students at the school we were able to!!!  While touring the school we met a couple of teachers and had a great conversation.  One of the teachers that we visited with gave us her information so we could contact her with any questions. This teacher is trying to learn English , so it was very nice to be able to talk with her! She helped us with Spanish and we helped her with English.   Last night we all wanted to go dancing but was not sure of a safe/fun place, so we called our teacher friend and asked if she wanted to go with us dancing.  She said yes and invited some of her friends who were learning English as well.   All in all it was such a fun night! Our friends' friends taught us how to dance like they do in Mexico! The food here is so amazing! I have many pictures that i will be sharing once i get to my home stay!  For now this is all i have without creating a blog post that is very long!

Sorry if this doesn't make sense my brain is trying to get me to type in Spanish when i am trying to write in English!!! Hope all is well with you all!! Cant wait to hear from you!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog, in this blog I will be talking about my Summer Abroad in Queretaro Mexico.  I will try and keep this blog up to date as much as possible, however depending on internet connection I may not be able to update every day.  I will be leaving Thursday June 27th for Mexico and will be gone for a little over 5 weeks.  While in Mexico I will be studying at a local University, taking 13 credits.  I will be living with a host family in Mexico and am so excited to meet them.  Well I should probably go start packing I will update this blog ASAP.   Thanks everyone for the support!
 Love Josh